Peter van der Pas

“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.”

— Susan Sontag



I'm a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I grew up in Mountain View California (the heart of 'silicon valley') and fell in love with the rolling hills, and dramatic ocean cliffs of the central coast on trips to my grandparents house in Cambria.  I fell for architecture, interiors and strong light at my other grandparents house up in the forested mountains of Grass Valley.  Somehow these themes keep emerging.  


I pay special attention to the story behind the thing that's in front of y lens.  I love to geek out on details and capture every one, big or small.  My images are often crisp and complex without losing a sense of dreamlike quality.  

I work with digital and film cameras; interchangeably choosing to leverage the benefits from each format.

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Interior Designers, Architects, Artists, Makers etc.  I'd like to showcase you and your work in the best light possible [pun intended].

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