Peter van der Pas

The Third Dimension

These animated gifs are fun and fast to assemble.  I made them with a 1908’s era four-lens lenticular camera, that was originally designed to “produce printed images with an illusion of depth” (wikipedia).  Using photoshop the film scans can be assembled into a short clip like these ones, which tricks your brain a little.  Excited to have one of these cameras and to use it more!!


Last week I had the pleasure of going to Llane Alexis’ studio to photograph him and his work.  He’s a Cuban born fiber artist who’s lived in San Francisco for the past 17 years.  His work requires an incredible effort, as it has all been painstakingly hand stitched from waste fabric cuttings.  Through the sourcing of his raw materials, Llane has collaborated with many west coast companies both large and small.


This semester I’m finally able to take the Architectural Photography class (offered only once a year).  I had a blast and learned a lot working on my first assignments, to photograph residential exteriors.  Here’s my favorites from the bunch.

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